Maximize Your Airdrops with Precision Targeting and Advanced Analytics

Deploy smarter, data-backed airdrop campaigns tailored for your crypto audience. Our tools help you segment, execute, and analyze airdrops for optimal community growth.

Customers & Launch Partners

Segment, Execute, Track, Analyze, Grow

How TrueTribe help protocols

TrueTribe uses sophisticated analytics to find and rank addresses that should receive your airdrops. These could be existing users, users of similar protocols, or serious DeFi users likely to be attracted by your offering. We use on and off-chain data sources. You control ranking criteria. Post-airdrop, our dashboards help you understand what happened. As your community grows, TrueTribe helps you keep your finger on the tribe's pulse, communicate with your users, and reward those who create real value.


Segment airdrop targets

Define the criteria and label wallet activities with ease, focusing on users that matter most to you.

Use cases
  • Find your competitors' top users.
  • Target high-net-worths.
  • Discover wallets that hold and transact specific tokens.

Identify your best users

Search and filter for wallets that match criterias critical to your project

Lending Protocols

Find top lenders and borrowers.


Find active traders.


Find the most engaged gamers.


Pain-free execution

Use our plug-and-play smart contracts.

Token Distribution

Launch fast, inexpensive airdrop campaigns using our contract.


Provide a staking facility for any number of reasons. No coding required.

Automated Rewards

Continuous mini-airdrops to reward your best users. Completely automated.

Post-airdrop analysis

Track token sales, holder activity, and project engagement with our dashboards, so you can make informed decisions.

Measure campaign effectiveness

Gauge your airdrops’ impact by measuring engagement and conversion rates.

Find new users

Pinpoint potential users for future outreach based on interaction and engagement data.

Reward community engagement

Incentivize your tribe with tailored rewards.


Grow your tribe

Your community extends beyond airdrop recipients. Understand your tribe thanks to the analytics that power your customizable airdrop hub.

Users insights

Gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and interactions so you can tailor your product and marketing strategy effectively.

Competitive edge

Outpace your rivals with competitive intelligence. Empower your product and marketing teams.

Customize your airdrop hub

Share all of your token data in one place.

Cross-chain support, built-in

Multi-chain analytics

Our analytics are natively cross-chain. Here are the chains we support today. This includes Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BSC, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism and Fantom

Multi-chain segmentation

It is extremely difficult to find historical behavior of wallets, particularly when performing airdrops to wallets on a brand new chain. True Tribe can analyze across chains to find users you care about.

More chains coming fast

Our engineers are hard at work building nodes and ETLs so that our analytics engine can do its magic. True Tribe will also have smart contracts on every new chain so that you can airdrop and stake without breaking a sweat. If you’re seeking support for a new chain, find us on our Discord server and let us know.


Why Work with TrueTribe

With TrueTribe

  • Target genuine, high-value users.
  • Find users who are likely to use or hold your tokens.
  • We verify airdrops so users can claim without fear.
  • Monitoring and reporting tools give you the “pulse” of your community

Without TrueTribe

  • Icon80% of airdrops go to sybils and farmers.
  • IconA lot of airdrops are scams so people are afraid to claim.
  • IconNo idea the outcome of your airdrop

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